We are a boutique technology company based in Los Angeles, California that provides software architecture, enterprise architecture and solution architecture services to small, medium and large business.



Technology Services

Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Architecture

Design and Architecture

Are you building a software platform? Are you building APIs? Making sense of microservices and how they fit with the rest of your systems and products? Designing software for complex business capabilities? 


Whatever questions and problems you have, we can provide the design and architectural expertise to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We are experts at applying the right patterns and architecture styles to the problem resulting in an attainable solution. 
We have substantial experience designing and implementing API oriented systems, microservices, domain-driven design (DDD), business intelligence, and analytics at scale.

Are you adopting an enterprise architecture practice? Are you struggling to align existing enterprise architecture with modern delivery models and modern technology? Do you have ivory tower architects? Do you have capability roadmaps but no technology roadmaps? Do you even need roadmaps?


Whatever questions and problems you have, we can provide the expertise to create an architecture practice that aligns with both strategic objectives and short-term value delivery. We believe that being architecturally planful is essential for any technology endeavor needing longevity and incremental delivery. Creating the right roadmaps that align with the proper purpose for the right audience can be crucial to get teams and stakeholders to understand your strategy.

We thrive on complexity and challenges; please reach out with your specific needs.

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What is iterative architecture?

A playbook of concepts, insights, frameworks and methodologies to design, architect and build technology in an iterative, agile and lean manner. Iterative: envision, build, observe, measure, learn, repeat

What is technology thought leadership?

An action of mentoring and leading a person, group or organization on a thoughtful technology decision and/or effort.